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Swimming Through Jello

10/29/18 Workout

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by , October 29th, 2018 at 08:36 AM (127 Views)
Another weekend of no workouts. Probably why it took me 90% of the practice to get into the swing of things. Groin feels tweaky too, from Thursday breaststroke I guess plus squats and thrusters and rowing Friday, I guess. Hopefully that clears up before meet this weekend, will e-stim it the next couple days.

Monday 10/29/2018 Pool Workout

4x250 :60 rest - 1) ez, 2) dr/sw x 50, 3) k/sw x 50, 4) neg split sw

8x25 k VS :40
8x50 k/fins VS 1:00
(100 ez)
8x100 fr VS 1:30

6x50 dr/sw EZ 1:00

16x25 VS :30 fl/fr/bk/fr

200 warmdown


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