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Swimming Through Jello

10/31/18 Workout

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by , October 31st, 2018 at 08:34 AM (152 Views)
Getting the yardage down a bit more. Not my typical mini-taper but we will see how it goes. Change is good sometimes. Groin feeling a bit better, think it will be good by Saturday.

Wednesday, 10/31/2018 Pool Workout

*All catch breath before/after fast efforts*

900 - 100 dr/100 k/100 d 1-3 to 80%ish
600 - 100 p br4/50@200 pace IMO
500 - 100 build/25 fast IMO

6x50 dr/sw EZ 1:00

12x25 "Afterburner" :40
o-on front dolphin kick halfway, flutter kick UW halfway
e-on back dolphin kick halfway, flutter kick on surface halfway
1-4 - K no fins, 5-8 K fins, 9-12 fins o-fly first half e-back second half
//Sorry for the wordy explanation. Goal was for the flutter kick to be twice the tempo of the dolphin kick.

200 warmdown


Meet warmup plus some sprints tomorrow. Rest day Friday. Meet Saturday. 100 fr, 100 br, 100 IM, 50 fr, looks like possibly a relay or two.

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