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Ozark SCM Champs and 11/5/18 Workout

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by , November 5th, 2018 at 08:57 AM (116 Views)
Saturday, 11/3/2018 Ozark LMSC SCM Champs

I have decided I will do no more one-week tapers! Was right at the point where everything just feels... off. But the meet went pretty well anyway! First meet in my new 30-34 age group (even though I don't technically turn 30 for another two weeks, but FINA rules and all). Pool deck was super cold, and all I brought for warmups was swim trunks and a t shirt. We were pretty much all shivering the whole time. That didn't help with endurance.

Warmup - 200 free/100 back/200 k
8x50 k/dr dr/b 1:00 IMO
3x100 1:30 aerobic
100 ez
(Tech suit putting on adventures!)
2 dive start

Mixed 200 Medley Relay - 2:02. (Ozark record!), Breast split 29.77
Sloppy start, my backstroker really glided in.

100 Breast - 1:07.25 (Ozark record!), 31.40 (Ozark record!)/35.85
My goal for this was to break both records, so I was OK with a little bit of a piano on my back the last 25 :P

Mixed 800 Free Relay
- (relay got Ozark record!), 2:11.27 leadoff (Ozark record!)
Um, so I was put into this relay without my permission... but it was me, a 75 year old, 72 year old, and 56 year old all either coming out of or into events, and there was no Ozark record for whatever age group we ended up aggregating into, so we just cruised it.

Mixed 200 Free Relay - (relay Ozark record!), 24.12 split
Actually got a decent relay start in this one. Turn was a bit jammed.

100 IM - 1:03.76 (Ozark record!)
Not a great swim - slower than last year. Was running out of gas at this point (only two heats after the relay swim), especially with the cold deck.

50 Free - 24.77 (Ozark record!)
Surprised I had some pop left by this point, this was much better than last year. Breakouts were way too deep on start and turn, really have to nail those down.

Men's 400 Medley Relay
- (relay Ozark record!), not even going to mention my fly split :P
Another one I got snookered into - this time with 2 75 year olds and a 72 year old. And we couldn't even get out of it because the backstroker scratched his individual 100 back and used this as the split!

Somewhere around 200 warmup and warmdown between each race. Maybe a little more warmdown after 100 breast.

Was completely gassed at the end - spent 5 minutes after the relay with a thousand yard stare sitting on the blocks, but happy with how I did overall. Always nice to see some friends too.

Monday, 11/5/2018 Pool Workout

Working out the kinks today. Nothing really fast. Shoulders and oddly hamstrings are sore.

4x{150 free 20 sec rest
100 pull br3/4/5/6 by round 15 sec rest
50 1-arm free 10 sec rest}

2x{300 80%
300 fartlek (25 cruise/25 fast - 50/50 - 75/75)
300 90%}
All on coach's go, ended up being ~5:00 interval
Rd 1 - fr/bk x25, Rd 2 - pull/pads & snorkel

6x50 dr/sw ez 1:00 IMO

4x{6x25 :35 - ascending distance underwater work and breath control}

200 warmdown


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