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Swimming Through Jello

Weekend Workouts

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by , November 26th, 2018 at 08:38 AM (124 Views)
Not much moving around for Thanksgiving, it was wife's family's year so we drove up to Joliet Thursday morning and back Saturday morning. Did some hiking with the dogs Friday but other than that not much. Got moving some more Sunday.

Sunday, 11/25/2018 Garage Squats

Warmup - stretching, plyos, barbell warmup

Back Squat - 45/5, 135/3, 185/3, 225/3, 255/3, 275/3, 260/5, 245/7, 230/9

1 hour yoga class at the gym - mostly stretching type stuff with some balance work.

Monday, 11/26/2018 Pool Workout

500 warmup
2x400 @ 1:00 RI 50 1-arm dr/50 sw fr/bk
3x300 @ 1:00 RI 50 k/50 sw (1-w/board, 2-on side, 3-k fast)
4x200 @ 3:20 p D1-4
5x100 @ 2:00 best average

6x50 dr/sw 1:00
4x25 middle of pool turns
100 warmdown


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