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Swimming Through Jello

11/29/18 Workout

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by , November 29th, 2018 at 09:48 AM (180 Views)
Thursday, 11/29/2018 Pool Workout

Hammies tight from power snatches yesterday, at least I think that's what it was. Gotta get back to actual weights consistently so I don't have to keep dealing with lingering soreness every time I do something different.

3x{100 fr 1:35
100 IM 1:45
100 bk 1:55
100 k 2:05}

4 (IMO)x{3x50 kdrill 1:05
1x50 DPS :55
1x100 fr cruise 1:40
1x50 200 pace 1:10}

6x50 dr/sw 1:00 EZ

4x200 3:30
1 - 50 fast/150 fr p cruise
2 - 50 fr p cruise/10 sec into 50 fast/100 fr p cruise
3 - 100 fr p cruise/10 sec into 50 fast/50 fr p cruise
4 - 150 fr p cruise/10 sec into 50 fast
Did 50s IMO

200 warmdown


Got a good tip from Coach Derek on breaststroke today - focusing on turning my hands out at the end of the recovery. Definitely feels different, will keep playing with it!

Also, going to start coaching the Tuesday morning practices starting next week. One of the Masters coaches isn't on staff for the club team anymore so the other coach was looking for some people to take a couple days, I think one of the other club coaches is going to take another day too. Should be fun, I was kind of hoping to get back into coaching again, even if it is just our little Masters group for one day.

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