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Long week

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by , December 15th, 2018 at 02:36 PM (129 Views)
Have been on jury duty the past week so haven't really had the opportunity to log workouts. Here's a summary:

Sunday 12/9 - Squats 275/3, 260/5, 245/7, 230/10, 3 rounds 20 RKBS, 20 R twists, 5 knee jumps

Monday 12/10 - Freestyle day, building warmup, small kick set, 2x9x100 varying intervals pushing middle 100 of each set of 3, Burnt Ends finisher

Tuesday 12/11 - Missed due to jury duty - coached in the morning, got out too late at night to workout

Wednesday 12/12 - CrossFit - TTB and core work, BtN SnPP up to 195/5, AMRAP 11 of 6 TTB, 8 box jumps, 10 DB Sn

Thursday 12/13 - IM day - normal Thursday warmup, main set kicking and power drills and some fast 50s IMO (26 low fly, 26 mid back, 31 low breast), 100 IM finisher (57 high from a push)

Friday 12/14 - CrossFit - HPSn up to 165/3x3, rowing, HSPU, situp, jump rope partner conditioning workout

Saturday 12/15 - Just back squats today, same as last week. Kind of tight, hopefully will be able to up the weight next week.

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