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Swimming Through Jello

12/17/18 Workout

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by , December 17th, 2018 at 04:01 PM (79 Views)
Monday 12/17/2018 Pool Workout

3x100 fr 1:40 easy
4x50 k 1:05
2x100 fr 1:35 moderate
4x25 k :40 work underwaters
1x100 fr 1:30 90%
100 k fast
100 ez

3x200 3:10 (2x90%)+5s
4x150 p 2:30 br3/5/7
2x200 3:20 (2x90%)
4x50 p :50 br4 d1-4
1x200 fast
//This set did *not* go well. I think I misunderstood what 90% was supposed to be on the warmup, besides the fact that I just am missing endurance. Need to work on being able to maintain speed if I ever want to be decent at anything longer than a 100 again...

6x50 dr/sw 1:00

2x{2x25 fast :30
2x50 rev build :50
100 easy 1:40}
100 warmdown


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