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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

Monday afternoon Masters

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Last Thursday - 1925 scy
Last Friday- 2150 scy
Hardly worth blogging about, however I'm addicted to the FLOG, Kudos to whoever wrote that app...

Aquasol Masters - Union Mine High School
July 6, 2009- Coach Janine - 0530-0630pm

Warm - Assigned 200 Fr /200 K ( did 200 FR/100FR kick with snorkel/50 Bk arms at sides/50 Breast w/ snorkel arms at sides then 100 FR)

Free Pyramid Set
Coach assigned 2, 4, 8 & 12 up pull/down swim; which I figured was lengths (or laps) so in the translation I did the following;
(snorkel, paddles and pull buoy)
50 FR
100 FR
200 FR
400 FR (someone said you did 100 too many!)
300 FR
200 FR
100 FR
50 FR

Kick Set

Assigned8 FR K/ 1min. Vertical/8 Choice
200 FR K w/ snorkel
1 minute Vertical
200 SDK on back

Sprints - all from blocks

2 x 25 Fly
2 x 25 Back
1x 25 Breast

Warm Down -
200 FR

2625 SCY
My mind thinks in blocks of 100 or 50's, otherwise I lose count, I guess there there those that actually count each length as they go.
Looking forward to tomorrows LCM at Folsom.

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