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Swimming Through Jello

12/26/18 Workout

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by , December 26th, 2018 at 10:56 AM (111 Views)
Wednesday, 12/26/2018 Pool Workout

Getting up early on Christmas break!

200 fr :30 rest
300 k/d/s x50 :45 rest (fr/bk)
400 k/l-arm/r-arm/sw x25 (fr/bk)

4x100 pull :30 rest
25 - scull
25 - fr pull work catch
25 - br pull (no glide)
25 - fr pull work hand acceleration

4x{100 fast/150 cruise 4:00, 125 cruise/100 fast 4:00}
//So this was a broken fast efforts with staggered go times and varied distances to theoretically even the finishes out for the 3 of us there. So 72 year old Doug went at the top, former distance swimmer Julian went at the :05, I went at the :10. I hit the wall after the 3 round 1st fast 100 and only did 100 cruise after that and the 4th round - so my set was 100 less than as written. Still good effort!

8x50 dr/sw, ch/sw 1:00 EZ

8x25 :30 o-fast, e-ez
//Also staggered. Doug at top, Julian at :01, me at :03.

200 warmdown


Might do a double tomorrow - swim first thing in the morning and then go to the gym if my wife decides she wants to.

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