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Swimming Through Jello

1/11/19 Workout

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by , January 11th, 2019 at 08:15 AM (145 Views)
Friday, 1/11/2019 CrossFit Workout

Warmup - plyos, med ball warmup, stretching

Strength - A) Back Squat - 45/5, 135/5, 205/5, 235/5,5,5
B) Bench Press (narrow grip) - 45/5, 135/5, 155/5,5,5

Conditioning - AMRAP 8
30 double unders
15 wall balls 20#
30 double unders
15 KBS 53#
3 rounds + 9 DUs

Big snow storm supposed to hit starting this afternoon through Sunday morning. May not get much done outside of the house this weekend! Back to normal schedule finally next week, will swim M/W/Th, CF T/Fr/maybe Sa depending on the workout. Head Senior coach said I would be welcome to do some of the power work that the M/W morning group sometimes does, so that should be fun.

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