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Decaf detox day 3

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by , July 7th, 2009 at 11:15 AM (147 Views)
Yesterday was a bear of a day to get through without my espresso jolts ... majorly dragging after my ugly AM swim. My plan is working, though, as far as trying to get my sleep cycles and body back into a more natural rhythm. I was in bed last night by 9:20 and woke up at my usual 4:30 for workout. That's an extra hour or so of sleep over what I normally would have gotten.

My original plan was sleep in longer today and hit a core class at noon, but my wife and I had to swap early AM workouts for Tues/Wednesday, so I hit the Cactus AM practice today. It was not as ugly as yesterday only because Tuesdays are aerobic with gentler intervals and expectations. I'm amazed at how much different it is (painwise) to come back from a break and train LCM versus SCY.

  • 1 x 500: warmup, 2 times (100 free, 50k, 50 d) + 100 free
  • 2 rounds of:
    • 1 x 200: on 3:10, free swim
    • 2 x 100: on 1:35, free swim
    • 4 x 50: on 1:10, round 1 stroke, round 2 kick

  • 2 rounds of:
    • 1 x 150: on 2:25, free pull
    • 2 x 75: on 1:15, free pull
    • 4 x 25: on 0:30, free pull

  • 2 rounds of:
    • 1 x 100: on 1:35, free swim
    • 2 x 50: on 0:55, free swim
    • 4 x 25: on 0:30, free swim

TOTAL: 3,100 LCM

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  1. aztimm's Avatar
    Wow, for an easy aerobic swim, those intervals still sound pretty fast to me.

    I don't drink a ton of coffee, but it does come in handy when I'm really dragging. I'll get my banana chocolate protein blend at Starbucks, with a shot, but now you've got me thinking of going sans shot.

    We ran into Scottsdale this morning, from Town Lake up to about Thomas on the greenbelt. I was shocked how busy it was. It is a good trail, but I don't like the concrete (we ran on the grass beside it for a while). But very nice with underpasses, water fountains, and restrooms.