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1/26/19 Race Day #1

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by , January 26th, 2019 at 02:37 PM (98 Views)
Saturday, 1/26/2019 Ozark Senior Champs Day 1

Well, here's "try to qualify for Sectionals" meet!

Team warmup:
300 fr
16x50 o-k/dr, e-b
8x25 o/c
2 starts

Warmup pool was 20y, so not sure exactly what I did but it was probably around 300 up and 300 down around each race.

100 fly - 52.39 (24.40/27.99) - Off with a bang! That's almost a second and a half PR, and completely untapered too. Got a little bit of a piano the last 25 but altogether not bad.

200 breast ​- 2:16.22 (30.20/34.71/35.59/35.72) - Felt pretty smooth for 125, but some of my turns were sloppy and I locked up a little the last 50. I haven't trained enough breaststroke for the 200 I think. Still, 2.5 seconds faster than the last time I swam it.

100 free - 49.29 (23.53/25.76) - This one was just sloppy. I don't think I was fully recovered from the 200 breast, and it definitely felt weird. I will have to work on some things on this over the next month or so. Didn't get the auto Sectionals cut but did get the bonus cut so since I made other two events I can still swim this.

50 free, 100 back, and 100 breast tomorrow!

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