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Swimming Through Jello

1/27/19 Race Day #2

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by , January 27th, 2019 at 01:59 PM (252 Views)
Sunday, 1/27/2019 Ozark Senior Champs Day 2
Felt a little sore first thing this morning but loosened up pretty quickly.

300 fr
16x50 o-k/dr, e-b :50
8x25 o/c :30
2 starts

Again, some warmup and warmdown between events that I didn't keep track of.

200 Free Relay - 21.69 leadoff split - Yesterday most of the sectionals level guys didn't do relays, and some of the better guys had had iffy meets thus far, so head coach put us all in relays today to try to kick start things. Think it worked - everybody on the A relay was 21 low to mid. I had a really good race besides the one breath I took was straight into the turn... oops.

100 Back - 53.56 (25.87/27.69) - I do not remember the hundredths for this race so I'll update when results come in. Breakouts were a little questionable and I'd like my second 50 to be a little closer to the first. But, a second faster than Ozark Masters last year so can't complain too much.

100 Breast - 59.88 (28.25/31.63) - Under a minute untapered, I'll take that! A little deep on my start and turns. Head coach gave me a couple tips on my pull that I'll try to work on. Again, a second faster than Ozark Masters last year.

So, pretty much most of the improvement from Ozark Masters (my last non-championship meet last year, though I was decently rested for that) was in going out more aggressively. Hopefully I can get myself better finished with some more rest in March. But very happy with how I did this weekend, closest thing to a "bad swim" was the 100 free and even that wasn't horrid.

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  1. rxleakem's Avatar
    Super fast swims Jeff. Glad that your training is realizing some great swims at this point in the season for you.
  2. Karl_S's Avatar
    Showin' some serious speed there! Nice