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Calvin S

Tuesday 1/29/19

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by , January 29th, 2019 at 11:11 PM (73 Views)
PM SCY w/ Trip + Jack @ LRRC "That time I tried a Trip warm-up"

400 smooth w/ SNKL

300 @ 4:30 AFAP (3:04+)
200 @ 3:00 AFAP (2:04+)
100 @ 1:30 AFAP (:59+)
100 EZ

8x50 @ 1:00 "Progressive Freestyle" w/ SNKL

Total: 1500

So my daughter was sent home sick from school, which severely shortened my time to swim. I am also still sick (can't stop coughing). I rushed to the LRRC to find Trip and Jack finishing going up a pyramid of 100-200-300-400-300-200-100. I warmed up on the 400 and then went right into the fast. Whenever I write a workout and say I did it with Trip, it almost always means we did the main set and warm down together, not warm-up. I start about 30-40 minutes before Trip cause I like long dynamic warm-ups. Trip just does a 500 and starts pounding. Hey Trip, I tried your way. I don't like it. You can keep your skimpy warm-up.

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