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Swimming Through Jello

2/25/19 Workout

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by , February 25th, 2019 at 09:04 AM (129 Views)
Stretched and rolled out some Sunday. No lifting because taper time!

Monday, 2/25/2019 Pool Workout

500 sw 7:00
3x200 IM 1-k 4:00, 2-dr 3:00, 3-sw 2:45

3x{4x50 kdr 1:00
8x25 3-fist dr, 1-fast :30
4x50 1:00 1-last 12.5 fast, 2-last 25 fast, 3-last 37.5 fast, 4-fast}
rd1-fr, rd2-br, rd3-fl

6x100 p/pads ez 1:30/build 1:40/fast 1:50 x2

200 warmdown


OK first day of taper. Didn't feel outstanding, but got going fairly well.

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