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Swimming Through Jello

3/21/19 Workout

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by , March 21st, 2019 at 09:34 AM (155 Views)
Thursday, 3/21/2019 Pool Workout

Stroke work/recovery day today. Colitis has been acting up plus my dang chest hair is growing back in really itchy so I have been fairly uncomfortable all week. Blargh.

3x{100 fr 1:25/100 IM 1:35/100 bk 1:45/100 k 1:55}

2x{4x75 l-arm/r-arm/swim 1:30 (rd 1-fl, rd 2-bk)
3x100 fr 1:30 light descend
4x75 fr 50 1-arm/25 swim 1:20
3x100 fl/bk x 25 1:40}

200 warmdown


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