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November 20-23 - Sick time

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by , November 23rd, 2008 at 10:43 AM (1215 Views)
Can you say FRUSTRATING!!!

I started feeling a little weird on Friday, so I didn't swim in the evening as planned. Yesterday, I slept all day and felt like crap. I'm feeling better today, but I think it is mostly due to being pumped up on ibuprofen, vit c, mucinex, & Zyrtec. I get this crud at least once at this time of year. The predominant symptom is extreme fatigue. I just want to sleep. This really sucks because it is the weekend that my kids are with their mom and I had planned some longer workouts and lifting. I'm trying to be philosophical about this, but it has happened twice in the last two months (last time it was back spasms). Just when I'm about to amp up my workouts, my body decides it needs time off. Am I doing something wrong?

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