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5/1/19 Workout

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Wednesday, 5/1/2019 CrossFit Workout

Happy to be back to the gym for the first time since the week before Ozark Champs. Still recovering but I was up to 172# last night! Only 18 to go.

Warmup - Stretching, bands, core warmup

Strength - A1) Elevated feet ring rows - 3x10
A2) Scap pullups - 3x10
A3) Double KB overhead walk - 44# per hand, 3x60m

Conditioning - For time
100 box step overs, 35# KB per hand
5 burpees top of every minute

Core - 3 rounds
3 wall walks
15 v-ups

Perused through the post-Nationals event rankings. Looks like (barring any last-month fast meets) I'll be Top Ten in 50/100 free, 50/100 breast, 50/100 back, 50/100 fly, 100 IM. Only dropped out of the 200 IM thus far.

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