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Swimming Through Jello

5/5/-5/6/19 workouts

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Friday/Saturday trip to Indy for a wedding, Sunday drove back in the morning with enough time to get all the prep work for the week done + lawn mowing + a workout.

Sunday 5/5/2019, Garage Weights

Deadlift - 135/5, 185/5, 225/5, 245/5, 255/5, 265/5
DB A/Y/Ts - 5s/10x5 each movement
DB bicep curl - 25s/8x5

Took video of last set of deadlifts: 1) I am still super scrawny and look super-uncoordinated with the barbell, so lots of work to do there still, and 2) My male pattern baldness, pretty much undetectable a year ago, has *really* accelerated... almost a lost cause at this point!

Monday, 5/6/2019 Pool Workout

400 fr/300 as 50 dr-25 sw/200 k/100 fr build

8x50 k 1:05 (fl/bk, br/fr)
3x150 pull br3 2:30
8x100 o-k 1:50, e-fr 1:30
3x150 pull br3 2:30
8x50 IMO FAST/ez x25 1:00

8x50 warmdown 4-pull rev paddles, 4-IMO dr/sw


Getting better! Strokes starting to feel a little more natural but hard to get stroke rate up to sprint and endurance is lagging way behind.

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