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Swimming Through Jello

5/11/19 Workout

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Saturday, 5/11/2019 Pool Workout

Felt hoooorible in the water! I think my legs were not happy after softball Thursday, hadn't done any cutting/acceleration type movement since I got sick. So I had some intermittent foot and calf cramps and my hip flexors were/are really sore so my breaststroke kick was fairly nonexistant!

4x200 :30 rest
1 - fr
2 - r/l arm x50 choice
3 - SKiDS fr/br
4 - IM

//One of my teammates turned 50 Saturday, so we did...

50x50 :50
I did it as (if I remember right)
4 - fr
8 - k/fins
8 - pull
8 - k/fins
12 - 3 fr/3 br
8 - k/fins
2 - fly

6x50 dr/sw 1:00 EZ

16x25 VS :30 - 4 fl/4 fr/4 k/fins on front, 4 k/fins on back

200 warmdown


Then I had a snack and stretched out, spent next 2 hours doing start/turn demos for club team mini clinic. Which was more taxing than I expected!

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