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Back from Vacation!

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Well, I took a vacation with my husband last week, and even though we brought our suits and goggles and planned to swim a few times at the pool around the corner from our hotel.... we didn't...

So I got back in on Monday and felt terrible, but the vacay was worth it! Just did a quick 1600 on Monday to paddle around and get the feel for the water, but managed to get a 3k in yesterday. There's a lot of rest on the main set, so feel free to adjust. I didn't break in between the rounds because there was enough rest to go right into the next round.

I signed up today for a meet in November! It will be the first one since April, but this time scm instead of lcm. I'm hoping to find one that is scy, but meets in my area are hard to come by. I may have to suck it up and find a USA Swimming meet...

W/U (1200):

8x150 @ :20 RI
2 - swim
2 - 100 sw/50 kick
2 - 50 sw/100 kick (w/ fins)
2 - kick w/ fins

Main (1200):

* Rd 1 - IM, Rd 2 - bk, Rd 3 - br

175 @ 3:00 - 100 stroke, 75 free
125 @ 2:20 - 75 stroke, 50 free
75 @ 1:40 - 50 stroke, 25 free
25 @ 1:00 stroke FAST

Kick (500):

10x50 w/ fins @ 1:10 - :05 per every 2 (desc by 2's down to :50)

100 easy

Total: 3000

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