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Sunday, Nov. 23

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by , November 23rd, 2008 at 05:35 PM (2133 Views)
My team pool was closed this weekend for a swim meet. Pretty bummed about that because I didn't get a chance to practice starts and might not before Zones ... Hmmm ... Even worse, I had a whacking bad case of hormonally induced insomnia last night. Was sorta sleep walking through my day. My son finally dragged me off to the gym. Swam in the 85 degree SCM pool. But didn't feel quite as bad as I feared.

Warm up:

800 variety warm up of swim, kick and drills

Aerobic set:

8 x 100 on 2:00
alternate backstroke and backstroke kick

Speed/Hypoxic Work:

Did a short set I hadn't done in awhile but really like (and could tell the pool was 25 meters!)

10 x 25 hypoxic shooters
50 EZ
10 x 25 fast fly with finz
50 EZ
10 x 25 hypoxic shooters
50 EZ

100 EZ

50 fly AFAP with finz from a push, 27ish. Felt this was pretty fast given the 85 degree temp.

300 warm down with some fun dolphin diving

Total: 2950 meters

That pool must have loads of chlorine in it. My face is still bright red. I need to take Jonathan's advice and put some glycerin soap in my swim bag.

Checked my email. Got confirmation from the meet director of the Zones meet. He has switched me from the 50 breast to the 100 fly so I can get a 50 fly split. I am absolutely sandbagging my 50 free time. Yes, I am very evil. But, happily, neither the meet director or I have any problems with it.

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  1. pwolf66's Avatar
    SANDBAGGER!!!! :-)

    Absolutely go for it on the 50. Hard kicks, really snap your pulls. Keep your head low and breathe low. Once you hit the 50 mark, take it easy with a very, very relaxed stroke. Heck, if you need to, take a break at the 75 mark. Just remember to stay legal for the whole swim!!!! Good luck and GO FOR IT!!!!!
  2. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    I'm glad you're going for it. I'll cheer for you even with the morally ambiguous sandbagging...
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    The only problem I see is that I might not get enough rest. Women swim before men, so the only thing I have in between is the men's 50 free. So really going for it would probably mean not swimming the 50 free. But I want to swim that event, so ... I'll give it a whirl. Really, it's a much better option than swimming the 50 breast no matter how you look at it. Thanks for suggesting it, Chris.
  4. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    Swim the free is a positive thing ("it's not a bug, it's a feature!").

    It will get your blood pumping and your muscles primed for your fly race.

    Plus: think how everyone in your 100 fly heat will feel! They'll see you take it out, they'll do the same'll all have a lovely back-half together.
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    I probably seeded myself too fast at a 1:20. lol. Hulk seems to think I'm going to keep right on going after the 50. Major coffee break scheduled.
  6. pwolf66's Avatar
    Uh, you really, really, really should keep moving after the first 50. Take the coffee break at the 75 mark. If you take it at the 50, then you might not finish the race leagally due to total body seize up.
  7. The Fortress's Avatar
    Ew, hadn't thought of that actually. Guess that could happen. I had been thinking about it like a broken 100. I can always dolphin dive slowly if I seize up, right?
  8. pwolf66's Avatar
    Yep, as long as you stay on your breast, recovery your arms over the water and together (but you don't HAVE to do any arm pulls) and both feet move together, your head breaks the surface of the water by the 15m mark and some part of your body breaks the surface of the water during your stroke, you're fine. Do not dolphin dive as you will be DQed for that if you completely submerge.
  9. The Fortress's Avatar
    So I could just put my hands out front in streamline position and dolphin kick the rest of the way? By dolphin dive, I just mean rest the hands out front before I take another stroke.
  10. pwolf66's Avatar
    Yep, you can slow dolphin kick all the way if you want.
  11. The Fortress's Avatar
    That is really good to know, in case I do get that "can't recover my arms" feeling. Thanks, Paul.