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Swimming with the Kids - Day Two

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by , November 24th, 2008 at 11:48 AM (1313 Views)
The Sunday session of the meet went well. Again I worked the morning session as an official.

Afternoon session I swam 3 events. I had a really good warm up and didn't feel any ill effects of being on my feet for most of the morning session.
Here's how it went:

100 Free: :29.01 - 1:00.22 Arrgh!!! another :00.xx I just can't seem to break into the 59's. But my splits are getting closer together. This is my fastest 100 since 2005.

Got what felt like a real good start and nailed the 1st turn. Felt like I was swimming faster than the 29. Second turn I flipped just a bit too far out and didn't get a good push off the wall. (That's probably what cost me the 59) Really worked the 3rd 25 and again had another good turn. Last 25 hurt a bit but I got out of the water thinking I could have gone faster.

100 Back: :34.73 - 1:11.51
Again better splitting, but on this race I screwed up all 3 turns. Got too close to the wall on each one. I seemed to go under the flags midstroke on every one and should have rolled over 1 stroke sooner. Oh well!! It's the 2nd fastest I've ever swam this distance.

50 fly: :30.23
This was fun snce my son was in the adjacent lane. He kicked my butt (went 27 low) but it's fun to talk trash behind the blocks. My fly needs a lot of work and I got some good advice from a friend who coaches one of the other teams in the LSC. Something to focus on over the next few months and see how I do next spring.

Over all it was a good meet. Even though I tapered, I didn't shave and working as an official in the morning sessions probably didn't help. But I had some significant time drops just from the meet a week ago.

I may do another meet in 2 weeks in Reno, but it will be for fun. My pool closes Wednesday and all my swimming will be in a hotel pool for the next 6 weeks.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Nice job, Floyd! Standing on your feet all morning couldn't have helped though. What advice did you get on your fly? Isn't that your best time ... at a pool probably much slower than Austin? Yeah, backstroke turns can sure be an adventure ...
  2. poolraat's Avatar
    Thanks Leslie. The things Brian told me to work on were mainly related to my head position both when breathing and when I'm not breathing. I need to work on keeping it down on non-breathing strokes and work on bringing it forward, not up, on my breathing stroke. Then on my turn I'm coming too far out on the water with my upper body. Again, I need to work on keeping everything as close to the water surface as possible through the turn. This time is a 2nd best. My best was a 29.86 at SC Nats in Federal Way in 2007.
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Well, I'm sure Federal Way was a much faster pool too. So you should be happy with a 30.2. Next year, you should just try sitting in the stands in the am session.
  4. pwolf66's Avatar
    Hmm, head down? breathing forward not up? Sure sounds like familiar advice you might have received from _somewhere_ :-)

    As for turns, next time we meet up, I will show you some drills that I guarantee will speed up your turns. Either that, or I will have someone film them and I will post them somewhere.

    But some nice swims considering the conditions!!!! Great job, roomie!!!!
  5. poolraat's Avatar
    I remember you telling me the same thing Paul and I thought I was doing just that. But the way Brian explained it made me realize that I had a ways to go to get it right.

    If you can post video on FB or YouTube that would be great. If I can't find time to get away when I'm in DC in January, it might be several more months before we meet up again.
  6. rtodd's Avatar
    Man, oh so close. Focus on speed and you will get there. Maybe take that first 50 out faster so you have a 2 sec. differrential.
  7. rtodd's Avatar
    Oops. That was a 2 sec. differential. Hmmm. Maybe you swam it right.

    Work on all out speed once or twice a week.
  8. jaegermeister's Avatar
    Great swimming, Floyd. What a kick to be swimming next to your son! How does he feel about that? Probably fine since you _let_ him win.
    You've got some pretty good speed going. Fly is just damn hard to make look good unless you're naturally dolphin-like.
    I would have sucked if I had to stand around all morning.
  9. The Fortress's Avatar
    Paul could easily be a masters coach! His tips are always first rate.
  10. pwolf66's Avatar
    Awww, I'm blushing :-) Actually, it looks like I'm moving towards being an assistant coach on the USA team my daughter swims on. Gotta go thru lifeguard training tho :-( Nothing like doing it with a 23 year break in the middle. Now if I would just APPLY that same advice to myself, I should be in great shape. Ah well.