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Swimming in Pittsburgh

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by , November 26th, 2008 at 03:31 PM (1463 Views)
Drove to Pittsburgh last night in the snow. Wish I had been heading south ...

Swam at the Rivers Club in downtown Pittsburgh. Three lane 3 foot deep pool. But it was SCM, and had backstroke flags, a pace clock and I had the pool to myself. So I was a happy camper. Definitely beats the Y!

Before swimming, I did an hour of very light weights and core work. Then hit the pool. I modified one of Chris' taper workouts. I saw he did the same one today in its more studly form. LOL

Warm up:

750 variety swim, kick, drill

4 x (4 x 50) @ 1:15
1-3 descend to fast, 4 easy

Did 2 sets fly and two sets back
Wore finz on the fast ones
Went 28 and 27.5 is on back and the same on fly. Couldn't SDK too deep because the pool was so shallow.

50 EZ

20 x 25 kick
Odds fast, evens easy
(5 fast UW shooters on stomach, 5 fast backstroke)

50 EZ

50 AFAP back, 27ish

300 C/D

Total: 2100 meters

Day off tomorrow. Sorely tempted by the 90 minute "turkey burner" spin class with the Tour de France on the big screen on Friday, but trying to resist. Thought I was going to to enjoy a week or so of rest, but, no, not feeling the love.

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  1. JMiller's Avatar

    Thanks for starting this blog... I do very similar work-outs...
  2. The Fortress's Avatar

    I just read your Fun & Fast thread and loved your last workout! I might do that tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.