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my 2nd favorite organ

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by , November 27th, 2008 at 02:04 AM (1138 Views)
so, this entry isn't going to be much about swimming....but anyway:

i have been prescribed a series of cardio and pulmonary tests these past few weeks after a routine physical revealed some anomalies on an EKG. long story shortened...... a nuclear stress test has revealed that i have an ASD

Atrial septal (A'tre-al SEP'tal) defect (ASD) An opening exists between the heart's two upper chambers. This lets some blood from the left atrium (blood that's already been to the lungs) return via the hole to the right atrium instead of flowing through the left ventricle, out the aorta and to the body.

the back flow seems to be the cause of some pulmonary hypertension....(thats bad) and i think it will need to be repaired in the very near future.

my swimming goals for the year are now under reevaluation and my more immediate goal is to outlive keith richards.

my cardio doc just suggested that i take it a bit lighter in the pool for now.......i wonder if i'll be ready for my 4400yd birthday fly set (lol).

happy ****ing thanksgiving!

please pass the string-beans.

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  1. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    Good luck with the repair. Hopefully you'll come back better, stronger, faster...
  2. chaos's Avatar
    i will update here periodically.