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A few days later....

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I went to the gym on Thursday before practice and ran 2 miles and walked 1 mile. I also did my weight machine routines.

Swim practice was pretty crowded...i think there were 4 other people in the lane with me. I led the lane:

3x 150swim 50kick (600)
get out and stretch
100 long and loose
4x 200im drill/swim by 25 (30second rest) 100IM 85% (20 second rest) (1,200)
12x75 O:fly, back, breast E: back, breast, free
build @ 1:20
20x25 O=catch-up drill E= any free drill @45secs (treadwater during break in between 25s)
Starts and turns: 250
Warm-down: 100ez

Total: 3,650 scyards

Today I went to the gym and ellipticalled for 35minutes and biked for 50 minutes (30min strength ride, 20minute fat burning ride) Then I did my weight routine.

==the loyola boys swim team is always in the weight room when I am there, its awesome to see how good of shape they are in and how serious they take their swimming careers...they each were teaching each other new exercises for Abs, and back/shoulders today. Never saw that at my undergraduate school==

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  1. ALM's Avatar
    Morgan, it's good to hear that you're back in the water. What are you studying in grad school? What is your undergrad degree in? --Anna Lea
  2. blainesapprentice's Avatar
    Yeah! I'm pumped to be swimming again and finally able to get back into shape. In my hiatus (both during the medical restriction and during the lazy period that followed that) I lost a lot of my muscle base and got pretty I'm pretty psyched to get back into it all.

    I'm studying Speech-Language Pathology in graduate school (its a program that requires a masters degree in order to practice so...basically it is just a 6 year program 4undergraduate and 2 grad years.) The graduate program for Speech is much like the residency years for a med student. We spend 4 days of the week seeing clients, writing their reports and treatment plans, and we are about 98% responsible for their therapy and treatment for 15 weeks until we are sent off to another clinic where we will start all over with another batch of clients.

    My undergraduate degrees were a B.S. in Communication Science Disorders (Speech) and a B.F.A. in writing.

    I actually over the summer made connections that led to nearly selling a children's story I wrote this past year, and once I get a few moments to breath and such (prob winter break) I will meet with a publisher and work on getting an agent to help me deal with all the paperwork and contracts from now on.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    I liked that workout, Morgan. It looks like you're really doing some good cross training too.

    Will you share any cool new dryland/weights exercise you incorporate?
  4. blainesapprentice's Avatar
    The new club coach is really cool--she believes in a lot of quality yards instead of garbage it will be a change for me...but so far her workouts have been pretty great considering she's working with 30+ swimmers with a huge range of backgrounds in swimming.

    I will definitely let you guys know what dryland activities I start to incorporate--I think I will try some of the exercises that the boys swim team was doing the other day---I'll describe them as best as I can when that time comes. Next time I post about my weight routine I'll list the machines and weight/reps I'm doing as well.