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Things that I'm Thankful for

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Happy Thanksgiving to everybody in old people swimming land!

I'm very thankful for a lot of reasons - family, friends, a roof, food -as we all are, but AQUATICALLY, here are the things that I'm thankful for:

My brother (Linc) and his wife that swim masters. It's always great to see them at a swim meet.

My partner (Kari) because she swims masters and has become quite good for never having had a background in swimming.

My distant and near team-mates - Go Mud Sharks and Rio Grande!

My competition and my friends: The swimming dentists (Bobby and Geoff) - both of whom are backstrokers - one who is 10 inches taller and the other who is 3 inches shorter - thanks for the great races!

Also Thanksgiving day wishes to bunch of other guys that I love to race and race with: Bill A. and Eric vdB (the bay area boys), Fred F (whose heart is in S.F)., Rick A (from the frozen wasteland), Tom R. (LaLa Land), John M (who beat cancer), Scott S. (best smile award):

the thrill of competing against you guys makes me feel really and truly alive!

Other odd things that I'm thankful for:

A cold pool on a hot day
A warm pool on a really freezing cold day
Hot showers
The beauty of water
Being the first to jump into the pool
Finishing (anything) - including Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Best wishes for Thanksgiving!

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