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Friday, Nov. 28

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by , November 28th, 2008 at 02:13 PM (654 Views)
Took yesterday off. Resisted going running. Then successfully resisted going to the turkey burner spin class this morning. Miss cross training ...

Went to the gym ...

20-25 minutes of RC and stretching.

Swim, SCM, solo:

Warm up:

300 swim
200 kick
200 IM drill

4 x 100 fly drill
(2 x left arm, right arm by length,
2 x 2 left arm 2 right arm, 1 full stroke)

50 EZ

Speed work:

6 x (3 x 25)
easy speed fly, UW shooter, EZ

Then I did Jonathan's set from the "Fun & Fast" thread, minus one fast 50 because my daughter couldn't stand watching me swim anymore. lol. But I reversed the amount of recovery swimming to increase as I went along. I was swimming against a bare wall with no gutters, so my times seemed slightly slower than yesterday.

50 EZ
50 fast with finz: back, 28ish
100 EZ
50 fast with finz: free, 26ish
(horrible side winding turn, need to practice race pace freestyle turns next week)
150 EZ
50 fast with finz: backstroke kick, 27.5ish
200 EZ
50 fast with finz: backstroke, 28-29 ish, scrapped along the bottom for awhile after the turn cuz the pool was so shallow
250 EZ

100 dolphin dive

Total: 2650 meters

Trying to shift into taper mode a bit. Taper is frustrating for me. I dislike tapering because I feel exercise deprived. I also really have no clue what I'm doing and am still experimenting. I've tried Ande's 2 week taper plan before, but I've felt over tapered from it. (At 6'4", he probably needs more tapering than a 5'4" girl with less aerobic base.) So I'm trying to reduce yardage a bit, eliminate any hard aerobic work and carry on with speed work. I'll start really loafing the middle of next week or so.

Heading off to visit Jim Thornton and visit my favorite boutique in Sewickly.

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