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Saturday November 29th

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by , November 29th, 2008 at 08:59 PM (1000 Views)
Missed w/u due to excessive talking

6 x 100 (they were supposed to be drill I mixed in drill and swim to warm-up)

5 x 200 50 free/100 stroke/50 free (my lane of drop dead sprinters and I decided to be lazy and went on 3:20 instead of 3:00) I did fly/IM(sans breast)/ IM(sans breast)/fly/ 50 fly/50 back

50 ez

200 kick stroke/free

3 x 300 pull (yuck!!!)

50 ez

8 x 25 IM order on 1:00


just over 3K

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  1. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    "Missing w/u due to excessive talking?" What a shocker!

    Fully approve of the "IM sans breastsroke" repeats...
  2. Julie Roddin's Avatar
    "Missed w/u due to excessive talking"

    I LOVE masters swimming! This happens to me ALL the time!