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Monday, Dec. 1

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Drove 7 hours yesterday. Not my favorite thing in the world to do ... Didn't hit the pool obviously.

Today, SCY, solo:

Warm up:

400 swim
200 kick
200 IM drill
2 x 100 fly drill

Stopped to chat with a fellow masters swimmer in my age group who swam at the Sprint Classic. He wanted tips on SDKs and how better to train than doing 10 x 100 on 1:30. And, well, I had a few tips. lol


4 x 25 build free

10 x 25, alternate fast UW shooter with finz and EZ DAB

50 EZ

10 x 25, alternate easy speed fly and easy
(fly felt like utter crap compared to last week. dunno why. refusing to dwell on it.)

150 EZ

50 back AFAP with finz, 26ish

150 EZ

50 back AFAP with finz, 26ish

150 EZ

3 x 50, 25 AFAP free with finz with race pace turn, cruise the rest

some more race pace freetsyle turns

150 EZ

Total: 2500


My entries for SCM Zones are not correct. The meet director confirmed my email asking to switch events and times, but that is not reflected on the psych sheets. Sent another email. We'll see if there's time to fix it. Looks like a lot of yard times weren't converted to meters either.

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