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Not the best day

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by , December 2nd, 2008 at 02:24 PM (1269 Views)
Ack. Not having a good day. Was woken up this morning by the sound and cries of my daughter falling down a flight of stairs and landing on her elbow. Had to take her to the ER. No break, but the elbow is seriously swollen and painful. As she is swimming in the Dolan meet this weekend, and already has sore knees, she is really bummed out.

My meet entries are still screwed up for Zones. I've emailed the meet director twice and haven't received a reply, so I think the odds are good that I will not be getting a 50 fly split at this point. Seem to be having trouble with meet entries. My entries for the NC Shootout were screwed up as well (although I fixed it the morning of the meet). And, although it was a masters-USA combo meet, the times don't seem to count. Apparently, they forgot to properly ID the masters swimmers, and may not clean up their paperwork. Kinda bummed, as I swam PBs in backstroke there.

Went to the pool briefly after taking my daughter to school. Resting this week, so I didn't do much. And I wasn't too worried about how I felt in the water, that's for sure.

Warm up:

700 variety swim & kick

Pre set:

10 x 50 on 1:10, alternate kick and drill, 2 of each stroke
50 EZ

Speed work:

8 x 25, medium pace, 2 of each stroke

50 EZ

2 x 50 with fins @ 90%, 150 EZ after each one
(1 back, 1 fly, went 27.5ish, trying not to hit lane mate)

3 x 25 AFAP freestyle, 50 EZ after each

100 EZ

Total: 2200

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Updated December 2nd, 2008 at 02:29 PM by The Fortress



  1. Syd's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your daughter, Fort. I fell and smacked my elbow onto concrete in the summer holidays. Got water on the elbow and it had to be drained twice before it healed. Even now, almost six months later, it is still a little tender to the touch. But your daughter, being a young 'un is sure to bounce back much more quickly than us oldies. Heck, she will probably even be able to swim this weekend without too much discomfit.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    That sounds horrible, Syd! Glad it's almost healed.

    I think the kid should be better, but she's up on Friday with 4 events, so that isn't too much time ... They sure do bounce back 100x faster than us though, you're right! I was thinking the other day that my ankle that I sprained last August is finally feeling better. lol
  3. elise526's Avatar
    Glad to hear that she did not break her elbow. I bet if she keeps it wrapped and ices, the swelling will go down quickly.
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks elise. Getting a kid to slow down and ice is not the easiest thing in the world. It must be slightly harder to text when you're icing or in a sling. lol