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Saturday's Bobs

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by , August 29th, 2009 at 06:23 PM (372 Views)
A.M. swim at FPAC. It was COLD and cloudy this morning. I know this is a good thing w/ Big Shoulders coming up but sometimes it just takes me awhile to jump in.
I had a good swim today. I felt strong and smooth the whole workout. I have been feeling snarky since nationals and even considered not doing Big Shoulders. It's looking like the water will be cold. I've done a 5k in 68 degrees (that was fine), but when I hear it could be in the 50's I feel weak and scared.
It's times like this when my best advice to myself is "just shut up and swim!."
Here's my LCM workout today:

I'll call this "sets of 500's" (each 500 set on 9:30 interval)
*500 Free swim
*2 X 250 Free swim
*500 Free swim
*5 X 100 Free on 1:45 (pushing it lcm!)
*500 Free swim
*10 X 50 Free (cheated and did on 1:00 interval)
*500 Free Swim
3,500 LCM (all free, no fins or paddles)

My shoulder/neck is feeling much better. I selected 3 exercises off u-tube a week or so ago and have been doing them A.M. and P.M. Good results.
I had lunch out with Sarah W. We went shopping this afternoon for teacher clothes. She is doing a semester of cadet teaching with 5th graders and needed a couple outfits that were not jeans. She is unable to run (due to knee issues) so I didn't go to the XC meet today.
I was glad to get the workout in, but I really missed my weekly fix of watching her run!!!

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