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Wednesday September 2, 2009

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by , September 2nd, 2009 at 08:48 AM (598 Views)
How the heck is it already Wednesday?!

These weeks are going so fast - I love it!

Okay - I woke-up this morning and hit snooze. Then alarm #2 went off then the phone alarm. I'm learning!! I need to get going about 10 minutes earlier though as I was a couple minutes late (and more like 10 once I actually got my suit on and jumped in).

800 warm-up mix it up

3 x 200 kick with fins (everyone else did 3 x 200 pull then a 200 kick - I was supposed to a 4th but I have a chatty coach )

3 x (250 free 3 x 50 choice on 1:00)
I'm slow right now. My 200s (checked my time) are about 10 seconds slower then the should be. This does not make me happy and darn well better change in the next month or so.

I did all the 50s free so as to apease my shoulder. It's been fine and I didn't put on fins at all. This makes me very happy!!!

200 c/d

Hopefully I'll be able to swim tomorrow and it'll be the same - two days in a row and 3 out of 4 days would be great.

I'd like to run maybe 3 miles tonight. My plan is to run Mondays and Wednesdays then either Fridays or Saturdays. I want to do spin class on Thursdays before I coach and maybe some weights. I'd like to hit the weights on Sundays as well. If I can find time (Tuesdays?) I'd like to do pilates. I had a great season the year I was doing pilates regularly.

I also like that A- I feel taller when I leave and B - I work those all important core muscles which we use when we swim.

On a related note - I'm starting to feel like I'm getting fit again. Not there yet, but starting to feel less like a tank/blob. My running legs seem to be working and my shoulder is happy. My core strength definitely needs some work.

Life is good right now!

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  1. FlyQueen's Avatar
    I'd also like to bike a bit on Sundays. I'm trying to really rev up the cardio. I miss running. This might be a bit of overkill but it's in an ideal world. It's not very likely that'll it happen every weekend ...
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Very busy schedule! Do you ever take an off day?

    I went on my first run in over 2 months today. Very slow, but fun.

    Pilates, huh? You think you really need it even though you're so naturally flexible? Is it the mat pilates classes?