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Wednesday, September 2

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by , September 3rd, 2009 at 12:13 AM (486 Views)
Having a hard time staying caught up on my blog these days. Yesterday afternoon, swam the first hour with the USA Senior group. Only did one hour because had to take my son to piano practice. While I swam, he played basketball with some friends in the gym upstairs. Got in 2700 yards.

Today, did group run at 11 a.m. Warmed up the first two miles and then between miles two and three, we did something called "leap frog" where the group gets in a line and the last person in line has to run to the front of the line. The person has to get about six feet out in front and then fall back to normal pace. Then, the new last person in line has to do the same thing. This was actually pretty hard. My HR went up to 190 on one of the times I had to run past the group. We finished this by the time we got to mile four. The last mile was a b$%@# as it was all up hill.

The running seems to be coming back gradually, but it sure seems like it has taken a while!

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