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The Waiting game

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by , September 12th, 2009 at 02:58 AM (1024 Views)
Searched or an internet cafe this morning with no luck. Our host keeps messing with the security settings on his server, but still can’t get it right for us to log in at the b&b. I wound up at the library, and checked e-mails before heading to the harbor for our morning swim.
Lots of swimmers in the harbor this morning.... our relay and Mike from Chicago were joined by Mike from Australia and his coach John Van Wisse. John is in another league, and though we had not been formally introduced before, I did get to watch him swim a 7 hour Manhattan Marathon this past june from the press boat.... 78 spm steady.
Also swimming were Chloe (from Austrailia) who will be attempting a double, a 6 person relay team from Iceland, a couple of folks in wetsuits (yes wetsuits!), Duncan from Cambridge, and a few others who I’m forgetting at the moment. The old ladies were huddled in the corner again today; trying to keep sheltered from the wind and still catch a glimpse of our failed “deck changes”.
The wind is still blowing and we all compared the info (which wasn’t much) that we received from our respective pilots last night. Protocol: call pilot every night between 7 and 7:10 for an update. It seems the pilots are all cut from the same cloth and none really offered a lot of details either way. We will call Michael Oram (our pilot) tonight again at 7.
We (tourons for the moment) are heading up to Dover Castle before our 5:30 swim.
From the castle, we can see the channel beyond the harbor’s sea walls.... white caps and 6-7 foot rollers that make the protected harbor look like a kiddie pool. (and there are 3 foot bumps near the north wall). Each time we climb a few stone steps and gain a few feet of elevation, there is pause to gaze toward the french coast.
We took the “secret war-time tunnels” tour which was interesting to me more as a civil engineering project than a strategic bunker/control center. During WWII, some 2200 shells were launched from France to Dover.... thats all for the history lesson.
We head to the B&B grab our gear and head for our 5:30 ritual swim. Steve sits this one out but an english woman with a kayak escort swims with us (or maybe I should say near us, as she dusted me pretty handily on the north-south leg of our loop. I had ear plugs in so didn’t catch her name.
I’m really looking forward to the “weekend scene” tomorrow on the beach when Frida Streeter comes to watch over the swimmers. I’ve heard a lot about it, but will wait until tomorrow so I might offer a first hand account.

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  1. chaos's Avatar
    tried to link some photos but failed. i have some posted on facebook. i'm citizendave over there if you would like to add me.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Great updates! Hope you get to swim soon.
  3. pwb's Avatar
    Hope the wait isn't too much longer. I have no idea the protocol nor if 6 to 7' waves is normal or not, but certainly sounds worse than the balmy Pacific that I swam in today.