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by , September 12th, 2009 at 03:06 PM (1100 Views)
As planned, my son and I ran the local 5k race this morning. My husband came along for support and monitored the trail to make sure both of us were o.k. With the temp at 71 and the humidity level at close to 100% when the race started, I decided to be a lazy sprinter and just cruise the run as a tempo run. Probably not a bad idea after all of the working out I did yesterday. Averaged an 8:17 pace per mile. Average HR was 170 which supposedly translates to an 80% effort. All the fast girls were either running a race in Birmingham or had gone to a local tri, so I actually won overall. At one point a woman ran past me and I sprinted ahead of her and never saw her again.

I am so proud of my son! As Fort predicted, he took off in the beginnng trying to stay up with another kid his age. About 3/4 a mile into the race, I caught up with him and he said he had a side-stitch. I told him to take it easy and slow down. After the halfway turnaround point, I saw him on my way back and he said he still had stitch, but he was moving along. My husband was out on the trail watching for him, so I figured if he had to walk or stop, my husband would be there to walk him in.

As soon as I finished and wrote my card up, I turned around and went back out on the trail to see how my son was doing. I was really surprised to see that he had overtaken the other boy his age on the nastly little incline towards the finish. According to my husband, the other kid had been a good bit ahead of my son and my son apparently reeled him in and passed him on the way to the finish line. He broke 30 minutes with a 29:55 and got first place in his age-group. Not too bad for a little ten year old on a hot day! After the race, it was kind of funny to hear from some of my friends that when they came up on him and made a comment that he was runnng well, he took off like he was running a 100m sprint. Gotta love youth.

Lately, his only training has been running 3/4 of a mile in gym class each day to raise money for P.E. equipment, so I think he did great! The main thing is that he had fun and seems to like running again. He no longer seems interested in the one mile fun runs and seems to want to tackle the 5k. I may let him do one more 5k next month if he wants to.

Insofar as my running is concerned, my next race will be either October 3 or October 10. In the meantime, I hope to work pretty hard for the next two weeks and rest or taper the third week. Next time, there will be no leap frog on the Wednesday before and I will not work out the day before the race. Hopefully, the weather will be much nicer for running an all-out 5k in 3 weeks. This heat and humidity are beyond old. At the next race, I'm counting on being in enough shape to really push it and be sore the next day. Between now and then, a couple of trips out to the track are in order. May also have to throw in a couple of hill repeats. I probably need to throw in a long run somewhere. Not sure if the long run will help physically, but it will help me mentally.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Sounds like you had a really fun day! Congrats to you both!

    My daughter always takes off like a rocket on our mile fun runs ... kids just can't help themselves!
  2. quicksilver's Avatar
    Really great. Thanks for sharing that.
  3. elise526's Avatar
    Thanks y'all! It was a fun day. I'm learning that it is worth it to drop the pride, not worry about my time, and just get out there and have fun.