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Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton

Swimming Meeted Out

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This has been one of those days wherein sluggishness, Aleve, exertional headache, overdue library fines, sleep inertia, nausea, political dopamine triggered by hatefests on the left and right, poor swimming performances recalled in tranquility, generic Tylenol, self-disgust, dyspepsia, pricklings of anxiety, eye floaters that include a fresh crop of red blood cell b-b's, isolation, neuralgia, stirrings of desire, premonitions of disaster, sneezing, boredom, impossible to resolve ultimati, and a thousand and one other petty somatic sensations and borderline neurotic tendencies have conspired to make me wonder if I should have just taken more soporifics upon first stirring this a.m. and written the whole business off as a mistake to let the conscious mind even briefly surface and skitter about, looking for some vague raison d'etre that does not for the moment exist.

(We have all been here, I am sure!)

But surface the quasi-conscious mind has, breeching the barrier between bad dreams and their awake counterparts, and I am hoping to make it till practice has the chance, at least, to bludgeon me into a better frame of mind and set me up for a repeat.

The silver medalist Bill has included plenty of hypoxic set in tonight's workout, and surely depriving the brain of oxygen can only help!

I understand that methamphetamines are fairly addictive to those with weak temperatments, but I am fairly confident that I do not fall into this category.

Oh, to be artificially awake once more before the Great Resting Reward takes over completely!

Fully, vibrantly, utterly awake and on the edge of my seat tingling with excitement and anticipation!

Who among you has spent your own desultory Monday free of craving exactly this?

Yesterday, we had our first meet of the Allegheny Mountain YMCA Masters Swimming Association season , for whom the impresario and meet director was the inimitable Mermaid at her "home" pool of the Bairyl Family YMCA in the Wexford, PA area, former temporary home of one Christina Aguilera .

Unlike another AMYMSA swimming venue, the Meadville YMCA, where it is at least possible that the waters in which we race were once shared by Meadville's celebrity vixen, Sharon Stone

there is no possibility whatsoever that Christina Aguilera's body has graced the Bairyl Family YMCA pool, because by the time this was built, she was long long long gone from our hickish region.

In any event, my times in yesterday's meet were terrible, this despite wearing a B70 in the hopes of getting a little tiny bit more life out of it before my times get even more terrible, and the illusion of youthfulness is ripped asunder forever!

100 free 54.07 pretty much says it all, though it is conceivable that swimming a 50 relay less than 5 minutes before my heat of the 100 could have slowed me a bit.


To the list of weasely emotions that begins today's blog, let me just add one more: the weirdly disconsolate sense of self-castigation that we whiners and excuse-makers actually DO feel on some level of our alleged souls, though the fact that we whine and make excuses in the first place suggests that this weirdly disconsolate sense of self-castigation is certainly not enough to make us change our ways.


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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    Well I can only hope you feel better now that you got THAT out of your system! Dear Jimby, HTFU!
  2. tjrpatt's Avatar
    the problem is that you are doing meets in early to mid September. The only competition that you should be doing in late August to Mid September is open water stuff.
  3. billwhite's Avatar
    Well Jim, perhaps you should not have played three and one-half hours of tennis the day before the meet or at least you should have partnered with me! This way you would have tasted victory on Saturday and used this seed of conquest (as I did) to crush my Sunday opponents.
  4. jim thornton's Avatar
    Well, all good comments, I must say.

    I was going to write a very rare second vlog for one day, in which I confirmed my suspicion that Bill's hypoxic sets would, indeed, make me feel better.

    But I am too happily ensconced in bed now (actually, just close to my bed, soon to invaginate the blanket cavity with my 6' 1" torso and little arms) to go to so much trouble.

    But let me just say that I will:

    1) HTFU
    2) think of these little Y meets as very small swims in indoor Amish mud holes
    3) hope that next time we play tennis, I will guess correctly whether Bill will be on or off his game
  5. SwimmerGirlKT's Avatar
    Bed, TV, and ice cream (or wine) always helps me.
  6. jim thornton's Avatar
    SwimmerGirlKT, I did all these things, except for the wine, which I have been off of for three or four years now, but occasionally consider rejoining a frolicksome life within the bubbly fray thereof.

    The way I have come to see it, in an admittedly reductionist way, is that the pleasure centers of the brain are essentially activated by dopamine spurts. This activation can be positive (drinking water when you are thirsty, having sex with a loved one, eating something wholesome, doing, in other words, what evolution has deemed legitimately rewardable activities--or, the activation can be somewhat less than positive (drinking alcohol to excess, having sex with your computer, gluttonizing yourself on candy, taking crack or spending endless hours on your crackberry, doing, in other words, what humans have learned can be highly rewarding manipulations of our evolutionarily rewardable activities that result in the "service provider" with a surfeit of dopamine from riches gaind and the "customer" impoverished and in need of a mouthwash for the soul.

    So basically, I am at the point where I am ready to go the artificial route for dopamine stimulation, but want to do so in a financially prudent manner. TV and ice cream are good; resumption of drinking questionable but thought about frequently; bed okay.

    Anyhow, thanks. The mental considerations continue more or less unabated but a bit more roseate in hue this fine morning following last night's hypoxia!
  7. SwimmerGirlKT's Avatar
    Jim, sorry to bring up a sore subject. Wine is a dangerous thing for me too..excess, candy, excess candy, eye candy, toys, boy toys...well, you've got the picture!
    -Kentucky (hey, did you recognize me on facebook?)
  8. jim thornton's Avatar
    Alas, I have the picture, all right. As my recent vlog may suggest, you and I may be cut from the same pathological cloth. What is your FB name?
  9. SwimmerGirlKT's Avatar
    You mean my Real Name? (eeek.)
  10. SwimmerGirlKT's Avatar
    i sent you a FB msg...