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Recovery run

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by , September 14th, 2009 at 06:12 PM (667 Views)
Took an easy 5 mile run in the neighborhood. Had planned to do 7, but a dog followed me for 1.5 miles, so I turned around and ran with it back to its house so it would not get lost.

I live in an intesting area where six generations of farming families have lived and farmed, and where newcomers have built 6,000 to 10,000 square foot homes and have their kids driving Hummers around the neighborhood. Funny thing is that the country folk who live in modest homes of about 2,500 square feet and own mega acres probably have a net worth five times the amount of the folks that live in the 6,000 square foot houses. The country folk resent the real showy newcomers and show it by sticking to hard country ways. One of these ways is to not pin up dogs and let them chase after joggers who predominately live in the big houses. Jogging or running is not a thing country folks are into as they get more than enough exercise taking care of livestock and their land. So, any jogger is usually presumed to be a newcomer and to $#%@ with them. I feel kind of caught in the middle having lived out here before the newcomers started coming in and building the big homes. On the one hand, I love living out in the country, but on the other, I wish these country folks would keep their dogs pinned up!

Back to the run, ran very slow and even walked a few times so as to keep the HR below 150. Still hot and humid. Temps were 80 degrees with 70% humidity. Summer just seems to be hanging on! In reality, we have six months of summer, one month of fall, four months of winter, and one month of spring. I'm just trying to hold on long enough for fall to get here which is usually sometime in October.

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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    That was nice of you to jog the dog back home.
    i'm sure the owners appreciated it even though they probably didn't thank you!
  2. elise526's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bobinator
    That was nice of you to jog the dog back home.
    i'm sure the owners appreciated it even though they probably didn't thank you!
    He was so friendly even when I waved a stick at him and told him to go home. I felt bad for him - it isn't his fault that his owner is so irresponsible. I have a soft spot animals - all my animals are strays I found or picked up at the pound. It saddens me to see animals wandering around like lost children.