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Damn the wind!

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by , September 15th, 2009 at 04:02 AM (1230 Views)
Still no good news here for those of us waiting.
Over dinner last night, I made the commitment. Terry and I booked Mike and Lance Oram for 2011 solos. Additionally, I booked a 2010 slot (one of the last 2 #3's) with Paul Foreman for the aug 29th - sept 6th tide. This season has had its share bad weather... there is a rush to rebook pilots and prime (#1) spots are quickly taken.

Still, we continue to swim every day... yesterday a seal joined us in the harbor to play a couple of rounds of peek-a-boo.

After today's swim, I have a meeting with Paul Foreman.... to exchange some sterling and get my name in his book for next year.

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  1. thewookiee's Avatar
    Awesome Dave!! Sounds like you have your goal for the next year to train for next august. Looking forward to reading your training blogs for the swim.
  2. mj_mcgrath's Avatar
    Looks like nothing has changed from yesterday wrt wind and waves. The wind must die down soon.

    Didn't realize that bookings are made so far in advance and cost so much--about $3,500--and require a $1500 deposit. I guess the CSA doesn't like people who book the prime spots then don't show for the swim.

    Couldn't find a picture of Paul Foreman's Pace Arrow but saw Oram's boats. Presume that you are booked on a bigger boat--Sea Satin looked really sharp--and not the Deep Six Two that wouldn't have much room for your relay team mates.

    In some respects you do "pay" for your 2-course Maxim and banana meal through Channel Assoc. fees--give the Queen her due.

    The solo record E/F is under 7 hours and must have had some calm wind and tide conditions.--hoping they appear for you soon. mjm
  3. chaos's Avatar
    thanks mj,
    we are already into the spring tide, so there is little no chance for the perfect tide, but we would sure be happy if it calms down enough to get out there.
  4. sydned's Avatar
    One thing this all makes me think is that you have a patient and loving wife.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for a change in the breeze...