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Tuesday morning

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by , September 15th, 2009 at 12:51 PM (362 Views)

Finally, for the first time in two weeks I managed to crawl out of bed at 5:00 am and make it to the pool at 6: when they open. It's too dark out now to swim in the outdoor pool as it is very poorly lit. So I swam inside this morning. Blech!!! the indoor pool is way too warm!

SCY, solo

100 swim free
200 swim back
300 swim IM
400 IM drill
500 pull free breathe 3/5 by 50
(I made it through 400 holding the pattern. Then had to sneak in an extra breath coming off the walls)
4 x 100 swim back on 1:50 descend 1-4 to about 80%
(not much descend here, went 1:32->1:28)
4 x 75 kick back with fins with 15 sec. rest & 8-10 SDK off each wall.
(about 1:10 on these with zoomers.)
4 x 50 choice on 1:00, evens fast
(did IM order fly-:40, back-:39, breast-:52, free-:37)

swim down 12 x 25 on :30 free, make interval, keep the stroke smooth

Total: 2700 yards

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