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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

lead then followed

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by , September 16th, 2009 at 05:20 AM (576 Views)
AQUM - coach Janine

Warm 200FR, 50K, 200FR, 50 fly kick
10x100 1:30 (Did 9, all EZ holding 1:20/21)
4x300 IM done as;
75 Fly,75 Back,75 BR,75 FR on 1:30
150 cool down

I lost count on the 10x100's, honestly, I was doing them as easy as I could without losing speed and just trying to hold 1:20 I could have gone faster, but I needed to focus on torque and feel. I lead the lane on the FR, but followed in the 75's, as my BK and BR are still developing.
Last week I did a lot of fly, every day there was at least 300+ of fly swim... My coach is getting me to breath earlier on fly and its causing me to inhale a lot of water; since my face is breaking out of the water sooner, I'm trying to take the breath as water is still draining. Yet its faster and I seem to reach the wall quicker.....Also I realized its not so easy to try to change from one in/one out to one in/ two out pattern. I just want to get a little more air so I can eventually complete like a 2x100 fly . I certainly like the feeling when I give my lane "mates" a good head start and I still catch them on fly, only to lose the edge on BK and BR ...Still, I let the little things break me out of the full cycle of the fly and drop into a one arm fly, like possible arm collision, feet suddenly appearing in front of me, arms falling off , getting arm caught in the lane line, having to cough up excess water...

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