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boat ride

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by , September 16th, 2009 at 01:25 PM (977 Views)
Another day; another swim (actually 2) in the harbor. For our 10:30 AM session, I was planning another 2 hour swim (3 loops or circuits) but the wind was blowing steadier and the water was more turbulent than any other day since we arrived last week. I felt like I was getting beat up for the first time and cut it short..... 1 hour /1.5 circuits /4100 meters. The wind on my arms and the back of my neck felt cold and I wanted to increase my stroke rate to generate a little heat but couldnít without creating dissonance with the chop. All of the others who were planning longer swims cut them short as well.
Lunch and a 2 hour nap (WIllie and Steve went to Canterbury).... I didnít realize how tired I was.
Steve has left us. Now a threesome, we are resolved to do a one way crossing if the opportunity arises. It is looking unlikely that we would have a large enough window for the double anyway. The official end of our neap tide is tomorrow, but the winds still blow and the sea is still to angry. We took the P&O ferry to Calais to see the channel beyond the sea walls in the harbor. 35 mile per hour steady winds and 6í+ white caps the whole way. There are no small craft out. The spring tide that starts on friday is the largest of the year, so it wonít be a day at the beach. Some tide info:

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  1. mj_mcgrath's Avatar
    So nobody has started a crossing--not even all the #1's? The buoy reports 35+knot winds and over 9' waves. Even Shaq would have a hard time.

    Don't know if you heard about it but Shaq (Shaq-moo) raced Michael Phelps:
    Race #1--Shaq 25 yds beat MP 50 yards.
    Race #2--Michael beat Shaq (+3 others) in a 200 IM
    Race #3--Michael 75 yds beat Shaq 50 yards.

    In the last race both MP and Shaq wore flowered speedos. What a sight! Shaq could not believe MP did not have a personal chef and a personal trainer.

    Shaq as loser of the bet had to wear a pink swim cap with flowers and work out with a synchronized swim team. --Cheers! in all senses of the word. --mjm
  2. chaos's Avatar
    I believe the pilots have a different standard for solos. As it looks now, we may be going out midnight on friday for a single 3 man.... or perhaps saturday at noon depending on wave height.