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A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming

Back in the water :)

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by , October 2nd, 2009 at 11:41 AM (355 Views)
I've been down with the flu since last Sunday. Fortunately it wasn't too bad and I got over it much faster than the rest of my family. So took an easy workout on Thursday evening after work.

The outdoor pool closed on Wednesday so I will be swimming in the indoor pool until next spring. It must have been at least 86!! It sucked.

SCY with Carrie

300 swim free
200 swim back
kick 6 x 50 w/5 sec. rest (no board)
(alt flutter/dolphin on back by 50's)
200 pull choice
(100 free/100 back, no paddles)

swim 3 sets of 4 x 75, desc. 1-4
set 1 free on 1:15 (ave 1:02-3)
set 2 fl/bk/br on 1:30 (did 1-arm fly ave 1:10)
set 3 back on 1:20 (ave 105-7)

100 easy

kick w/fins&board : 3 x 200 w/20 sec. rest desc. 1-3
(w/zoomers, went 3:40-3:20-2:55)

swim down 200
Total: 2800 yards

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  1. scyfreestyler's Avatar
    86?! We dealt with similar temperatures at our pool for a few weeks this summer. Not fun at all....really saps your energy.