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first day of autumn

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by , September 22nd, 2008 at 08:51 PM (878 Views)
greg and willie met me at 4:45. we put our wheels on our bikes and arrived at the lake by 5:10.

water temp 67 degrees.

we swam out close to the shore line on our right... there seems to be a new tree down about halfway to the end cliff wall (beavers no doubt)

we held a steady pace on the way out, the three of us shoulder to shoulder and we arrived at the cliff wall (+/- 1.25 miles) in 24:50. we rested briefly, enjoying the last bit of sun on the lake, did an obligatory flipturn off the cliff wall and headed back. greg was on my left for the first 1/3. i was mixing it up...alternating 16 strokes long with as strong a 2 beat as i could produce / 16 strokes as fast as i could still keep a 2 beat. i repeated this pattern until greg dropped back, and then i just tried to build steadily to where we started.
back in 23:30.

i think we might have another 2-3 weeks of this.

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