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Meet Results: 2008 SPMA Regional SCM Championships

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Monday December 8th, 2008

think I'll be a dual blogger here &


2008 SPMA Regional Short Course Meters Championships on
Saturday, December 6th & Sunday 7th, 2008 in
Long Beach, CA

11:15 # 07 50 M Butterfly 00:26.46
12:38 # 10 100 M Backstroke 00:59.10
04:55 PM# 19 200 M Individual Medley 02:19.99
11:43 # 24 100 Butterfly
12:27 # 26 50 M Breaststroke 00:31.99
02:04 # 29 200 Backstroke 02:19.99
03:15 # 31 100 Freestyle
* originally planned to swim the 50 bk & 100 IM
but my plane was leaving at 6:30
so I dropped out of them and added the 100 fly & 200 back where I planned to go for a 50 bk time

First of all this was a very well run meet
kudos to all the great grunion volunteers who pulled if off

Races and Comments

wore a blue seventy nero comp in all my races

50 fl
went 25.99
last year I was 26.15
this year I went 26.30
nailed the touch, knew I was going to hit it right at the flags
struggled through the turn
took more SDKs
Still need to work on belly SDKs, take more off each wall, probably 10 off the start and 10 off the turn
didn't drop my fly & free times as much as my back times

100 bk 58.89
28.66 30.23
went 1:00.90 last year
went 59.10 at AZ
tried to go out more relaxed and bring it home better

200 im
been eyeing Glenn Mills NR not sure if it's a WR because he did the time at the 2008 Gay Games
Glenn split his race
1 29.05 29.05 2 1:04.60 35.55 3 1:42.00 37.40 4 2:13.42 31.42
so my plan was
Fly easy speed save legs breathe
Back easy speed save legs breathe
breast work it, sprint, great form
free work it sprint SDK off turns

went 29.10 34.93 38.82 31.31 for a
which might have broke the WR
if Mills swim doesn't count
we'll see,
in 2004 I went 2:15.0
Think I could have gone faster if I'd swum it first or been a bit more aggressive on the front end, pretty much dragged my legs on the fly and cruised the back, held back on SDKs in favor of AIR

should have kept my kick going better on the last length of the FR


100 fly
skipped it
was at this meet to try to break the WR in the 50 bk, thought the 100 fly would tire me too much

50 br
went 31.49
ran a few erronds Sunday morning,
showed up at the pool thinking I had plenty of time, women's 50 BR was on the block and I was in the last heat of mens 50 breast
warmed up in my B70
don't remember much about the race other than I felt uncoordinated and really need to fine tune my breastroke technique to go faster
Dave Guthrie went 30.2
Jeff Commings went 28.0

200 bk
went for 50 bk split
went 27.20 and broke Clay's 27.24 WR
Finally got it before Chris Stevenson comes along to obliterate it
made some race mistakes
was too deep 10 kicks off the start and had to sharply angle up to surface
didn't go deep enough on my turn and make a fountain with my first kick then was able to go deeper
went 2:39 in my 200 bk got 2nd in my age group

100 fr
went 54.5
25.8 28.7
legs on the 3rd and 4th length
hurt super bad
should have gone out easier and back halfed it

really wanted to swim the
100 IM but ran out of time and had to go home

Jeff Commings wore a blue seventy in his races made huge time improvements,
he's come over to the dark side.

saw many wonderful people at the meet:
Jim Clemmons, Allen Stark, Erik Hochstein, Rich Abrahams, Philipp Djang, Al Jaegers, Bob Strand, and Sherri Hart (sorry if I left you out)

this was a fun meet at a fast beautiful pool right on the beach

Roomed with David Guthrie

he filmed of my several races which I hope to post on youtube soon

didn't sleep well each night

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  1. quicksilver's Avatar
    Excellent times.
    Glad to see your blog is back!
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Congrats Ande!! Clay will be pissed. lol. Maybe he'll even train for the Albatross meet this time ... Look forward to seeing your swims on youtube.
  3. Syd's Avatar
    Left a comment at blogspot but it doesn't seem to be registering. Anyway congrats on that world record time. You're improving with age! Well done Ande!
  4. rtodd's Avatar
    Real nice, especially breast. You are a true IM'r.
  5. ourswimmer's Avatar
    You met me too, with Jim, and also our teammate and her family. Great swimming. Those 100 IMs were something to see, too; sorry we couldn't have seen you as well.
  6. SwimRobin's Avatar
    Great swims, Ande! I am very glad to see that you have returned your blog to the forums!