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Quality workout? Sunday solo

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At Lifetime SCM

Warm up
200 free
200 back
50 kick moderate
Main Set 3x
100 free AFAP (3x1:03 if I read the clock right, def all under 1:05)
50 kick ez
200 back ez
50 kick ez
Cool down
50 kick ez
200 free drill
This is very typical of my solo workouts now that I am concentrating on sprint training. After reading the SpeedForto workout, I felt the need to do some AFAP 100s for a change.

My main sets are 1x200 or 4-6x50s or 6-10x25s AFAP with recovery swimming between each and the balance of time spent on drills and technique work. Kick and recovery days are thrown in as needed.

The 100s were faster than I expected today.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Very fast! That seems much faster than your typical :59s in SCY that you've reported. Did you pay any attention to your interval?
  2. qbrain's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    Did you pay any attention to your interval?
    I probably had about 6 minutes between each, but no, I didn't pay attention. Swam the 100, panted at wall until I thought I could kick a 50 without inhaling water, about a minute/50 kick and about 3 minutes for the back.

    Yeah, it was a lot faster than 59s. The great thing about swimming SCM is that I still don't know what the times mean. I went that first 1:03, and I thought I just wanted to try to do that a couple more times. If I had known what it translated to, I would have thought it was impossible to repeat.

    Of course, I am toast now
  3. pwb's Avatar
    Those are definitely moving 100s -- probably 56+ in SCY -- exactly what you'd want to be on your second 100 to hit your 1:49.99 goal time. Add a start to these and you're probably 53+/54-. Nice job.
  4. pwolf66's Avatar
    Ruh-roh. Time to kick it up a notch.

    Nice swims there, Q!!!!!
  5. KEWebb18's Avatar
    Very nice work!
    Are you always so motivated to swim fast when you swim solo?
  6. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Nice job!
  7. Bobinator's Avatar
    You must have blown all the noodlers right out of that pool with those fast swims!
  8. qbrain's Avatar
    Thanks Patrick, Paul, Katie, Tom and Bobin. That was a fast swim for me.

    Patrick, I don't ever think of my 200 as 2x100, but 4x50s. Thanks for pointing that out, I am closer to 1:49 than I would have guessed.

    Katie, the motivation came from wanting to see how I stacked up against Speedo in the 100. Speedo and Fort did something similar last week. I stack up about a foot shorter.

    Bobin, Lifetime is pretty good about just having lap swimmers in the morning. The guy next to me asked me how fast I was going and was really excited about it, which was neat, but it was really hard just to breath at that point, and chatting was beyond me. My wife was in the other lane, and I am not going to call her a noodler.
  9. quicksilver's Avatar
    You're on your way. That's how a 1:49 200 freestyler rolls.
  10. qbrain's Avatar
    Thanks Quick, it is nice be moving in the right direction.
  11. Speedo's Avatar
    Just saw this Q- nice job! And you didn't even have ricochet rabbit to pace you.
  12. qbrain's Avatar
    Thanks Speedo. I only have a ricochet rabbit on distance sets, and then I don't really want one.