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Monday, December 8

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Out of taper hell!

Although I feel like a mac truck ran over me ... Always do after meets. I have no idea how some people swim multiple meets in a month or even two weekends in a row. I need recovery time! Plus, I seem to be following Patrick Brundage's "remixed" regimen of wine and more junk food. lol

Went on a 5 mile trail run even though it is freezing cold here. Since I hadn't run in 2 weeks, it felt great and I was really happy to be outside!

With respect to Zones, my coach emailed me and told me to grow out my fingernails for the Albatross meet. Had a laugh and thought of Ande. Last time I had fingernails, I put a huge rip in a new Pro at the NE Champs and was stuck wearing a very old Pro and FS I. So not too inclined to do that again! I know the B70s are more durable. But, still, I know a fast chick who shredded her B70 at LC Zones with fingernails.

SwimStud youtubed my 50 fly time trial from on deck. Here it is, horrific start and all.

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Updated December 9th, 2008 at 08:26 AM by The Fortress



  1. knelson's Avatar
    Just one breath on the second 25? Impressive! You've got a great sprint fly stroke. You're able to turn it over fast and still keep good stroke mechanics. Whenever I try to swim fly fast I can feel my stroke fall apart.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks Kirk! Now if I could only do that for a 100! My turnover is much slower in a 100. Probably wimpy sprinter fear of dying.
  3. quicksilver's Avatar
    I think saw the .01 slip away at the turn !!

    That was a really great looking swim. Girl, you can kick.
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    Definitely lost time at the turn, as well as the start. Just didn't think I could take another stroke. Do you think I should have?

    These are the major weaknesses in my sprinting. I hadn't gone off a block since the Sprint Classic. I think the only way to fix this problem (aside from just doing more starts at GMU) is to do what Ande does. Put on a speed suit in practice and go off the blocks and count strokes. I never count strokes and couldn't tell you how many I take to hit the wall. (Went back and watched. 9 on the first length and 11 on the second.) Perhaps when my B70 wears out or rips, I'll do this. Otherwise, I just can't bring myself to waste a speed suit in practice ...

    Chris S. says I'm overkicking on fly and catching too much air ... (Sprint Classic observation). Chris Colburn said the same thing at Austin. But I feel like the kick drives my stroke and turnover ...

    And, so, is the MF on your xmas list?
    Updated December 9th, 2008 at 01:08 PM by The Fortress
  5. quicksilver's Avatar
    Hi Leslie,

    Your kick looks very strong, and tight. It looks as if you're kicking all water no air.
    Maybe Chris is suggesting to keep your feet just slightly under?

    That burst of water after each upbeat might offer you more 'traction' if your feet had slightly less exposure at the surface? Maybe just a fraction less below the surface? It's hard to say, but either way, it's very solid.

    And yes, The camera lost you at 20 seconds into the video, but there may have been just a little too much hang time into the turn?
    It was fast, but it looked as if you cruised into the touch. The finish on the other hand was sharp.

    And heck yes I'm ordering a monfin. X-mas or not.
  6. The Fortress's Avatar
    You're good ... I think that's exactly what they were suggesting. Not exactly sure how to make that fix though, and if it's really necessary for a 50 ... Edit: Coach Chris Colburn says my timing and kick look better than Austin.

    Heck, now even Chris is planning to use fins more!

    Just got an email from a teammate. First thing he said was "Gee, I guess those fins work." lol
    Updated December 9th, 2008 at 04:08 PM by The Fortress
  7. rtodd's Avatar
    I think you got caught off guard by the starter. Were all the starts that quick? At track meets we used to pay alot of attention to the starter in the preceeding heats so we got into the rythm of the starter's timing.
    Maybe because you were alone, there was less pause to get an entire field stationary. Maybe the starter thought they were doing you a favor by not holding you there. Who knows? But the best thing a starter can do is be consistent in a meet.

    Did you at least take an extra dolphin kick going into the turn? I say when in doubt in a 50, just crash the wall with a half stroke, in a 100, glide in.

    It was still AWESOME!
  8. pwb's Avatar
    "Went on a 5 mile trail run even though it is freezing cold here. Since I hadn't run in 2 weeks, it felt great and I was really happy to be outside!"

    You and Chris make me feel so lame. I had barely worked my way up to a 3 mile "run" in my "hard training" phase where I was walking for 1:30 and running for 3:30. This was two days a week and killing me ... in balmy 70ish degree sunshiney Arizona mornings. Now, here you are, a day after almost breaking a nat'l record and you're running 5 miles? Where's that little bowing emoticon when I need it?
  9. The Fortress's Avatar

    Good call, and thank you so much. The starter was very fast. I noticed that in my prior races and I saw Chris move on the start in one of his fly races. But, the time trial was even faster, and I did think, as I dove in the water, "wow, that was fast." Maybe they were in a hurry to finish the meet. Perhaps I should have taken another stroke.

    Really, I was just happy they let me do a time trial. The meet director and referee were very accomodating.
  10. The Fortress's Avatar

    Too funny! Well, I used to sorta be a runner before I went back to masters swimming at 44. I'm a happy LSD runner though -- no sprint at all. I ran myself into 2 stress fractures from too much running. It didn't agree with my loose ankles. But those ankles are apparently good for my swimming career. lol

    Running is not for everyone. And I don't think it helps swimming all that much. I would absolutely love running in that 70ish temps though. 60-70 is my fav running temp. 30 something is kinda cold.

    And, I'm definitely like Chris. After sitting around for a couple weeks, I just want to get back to training and especially my cross training.
    Updated December 9th, 2008 at 10:13 PM by The Fortress