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Autumn in NY

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by , October 7th, 2009 at 11:22 PM (1450 Views)
Today was an extremely dramatic weather day in NY. I went to masters practice from 7-830 AM. The main set was 16 x 100 free...
4x 100 on 1:25 descend
4x 100 on 1:20 descend
4x 100 on 1:15 descend
4x 100 on 1:10 descend
I didn't descend the last 4 but managed to hold 1:06's

Fierce winds and a full rainbow kept me company as i drove over the mtn to work. Twigs, branches, acorns, and leaves were flying all over the place and I had to make a small detour to avoid the debris.

We lost power at the shop around 2PM and I arranged to meet Terry for a swim at our favorite lake. With the wind still howling, we were expecting to see white caps out there, but the wind direction was diagonal to its length, so it created these short rolling waves instead. I didn't time our 2 mile swim, but I did bring the thermometer.... still 58 degrees, no change yet this week. I did catch quite a chill when we exited the water and got hit with that wind... air temp was around 50. We changed into our riding gear and headed for the parking lot... down hill for 20 minutes... still freezing when I got into the car. I drove straight to a yoga class and it was half an hour later that i finally had feeling back in my hands and feet.

Terry just received word that he can have a slot for a channel swim in sept 2010...same time I'm booked for. This is great news! Terry and I have been swimming together for almost 10 years now, and nothing is more motivating than having company to get through those long and cold (but necessary) days.

I'm taking a day off from swimming tomorrow. I've been averaging 2 rest days per month.... got tickets to see Lucinda Williams tomorrow night and Steve Earle on friday.

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  1. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    that's so exciting! company on long cold swims would be very welcome here, but doesn't look likely
    still, a short one in the lake Sunday morning will be nice
    I've had 29 days of rest in the last month and may have overdone it.
    How on earth does this pilot booking process work?
  2. chaos's Avatar
    pilot booking is a little mysterious. you decide when you would like to swim and then contact any/all pilots to see who might have a slot available. typically, each pilot will book up to 4 slots for each neap tide of the season. i have a #3 slot with capt. paul foreman for the tide of aug 28 - sept 6, 2010, but plan to be available to swim for a week prior and post those dates. if there is a good weather day on the spring tide.... i'll be willing to go. terry has also offered to swim on a spring tide and will have a large window in which to do his swim.
  3. chaos's Avatar
    i know three people in the chi-town area that swam the channel this year... michael tcanz-hahn, john muenzer, and mike solberg. i think john muenzer has a double booked, so should be training.....
    i would contact marcia cleveland and see if she knows of any other folks to train with.
  4. mj_mcgrath's Avatar
    You DA MAN. We are still in the mid 70's for water temp at Wrightsville Beach

    Do you plan any "practice swims" in Dover in the months before your crossing attempt? From your blogs both you and Terry thought you had some great and very specific training sessions there with the Grand Madame watching, of course. --mjm
  5. chaos's Avatar
    mjm, i'm not sure that i will get to dover before august. terry and i have to sit down and figure out a realistic plan... for me that must include a lot of cold water swimming. i will be trying to add some bulk between now and august, but i've been eating everything in sight and haven't managed to put on a single pound. it is certainly easier and less expensive for me to spend some time in SF or maine rather than skip on over to dover....
  6. sydned's Avatar
    Poor you--haven't been able to gain a pound even with eating WHATEVER YOU WANT!
    No one wants to hear that...