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Speed suit withdrawal

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Swam in the Holiday Invite at Long Beach this weekend. The meet is very well organized and well run. I highly recommend it to anyone that want to swim in a short course meter meet. It was very exciting to try some new technology (B70 and Xterra).
These suits (B70 and Xterra) really have some Zing! My stroke count was lower and the pushoff distance was longer - plus, when you surface, you literally pop up out of the water. They increase bouyancy!

Back in the pool this morning with no speed suit! Major drag - pun intended.

I'm back to wearing the old green baggie drag suit - much more comfortable and much more slower. It takes more strokes to swim a length and push off distances are much shorter.

So it's a kind of withdrawal to swim in the old green monster - but it is good to be back home.

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  1. coach's pet 1's Avatar
    Great swimming Phillip. I was wondering if you had worn "the suit". Though your backstrokes were outstanding, I thought your 200 IM was pretty good . Not the 2:14 Ken swam, but very good.