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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

Aquasol returns home to Union Mine High School

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by , October 13th, 2009 at 04:03 AM (1878 Views)
Aquasol - UMHS
Nice to be back in the home pool after 3 weeks of pool maintenance. Water was a bit cool, but was perfect for a hard workout. This is an outdoor pool, with bare minimum facilities; one barely working outdoor shower and stinky restroom's.

We spent a lot of time talking. After the fly set was done, I decided to ignore everyone and keep on the clock.

Warm 300 (We started off in one lane) And my goggles (Speedo Vanquisher) came off on my dive in...
2x through

100 Fly 2:00 (1:30, 50 swim/ 50 drill)
2x50 Fly 1:30
4x25 Fly 1:00

100 BR 2:00 (1:35) (this is from 1:50 2 weeks ago, considering I just learned how to kick right over the summer)
2x50 BR 1:00
4x25 BR :45

100 FR 2:00 (1:13, 1:15)
2x50 FR :45
4x25 FR :30

Everyone left before the second time through BR. Leaving me alone with the seniors.

2x200 Pull 3:00 (2:45)
2x50 K with fins, fly on back, free on front

100 cool

Ive slowed my fly down so I can concentrate on getting that second kick timed just right, until I do, I will just keep it slow.

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  1. jim thornton's Avatar
    Nothing like an outdoor pool with one barely working shower, and I am assuming only cold water from that shower, on a cold San Francisco (or Berkeley?) wee early morning! You are an inspiration to us hot house swimmers, a true deserver of the Orca sobriquet!
  2. EricOrca's Avatar
    Thanks Jim for the laudatory remark! We're actually across the Big Valley from the Bay Area (includes S.F. Berkeley, Oakland etc..) in the Sierra foothills, so it gets in the upper 30's on average through the winter with temps dropping to the mid to upper twenty's during the weeks of the Winter solstice. Shower tends to be cool to lukewarm with low pressure. Today its raining with wind gusts to 30 mph!